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The Trailer Music Experience

This weekend is the official premiere screening of Trailer Music. What is it, you ask? The concept is simple: what if a film was made to accompany a piece of music, rather than the other way around? With 3 musicians, 6 filmmakers and 30 days to do it all, this was the challenge set by Melbourne-based creative arts group, anon. The idea sprung from a work for piano trio that I wrote back in 2010, entitled Trailer Music. With its cinematically-inclined narrative, Nicole Tj and Thomas Lo (both founding members of anon.) approached me with the concept of reversing the traditional notion of scoring a film. After successfully raising over $10,000 via a Pozible crowdfunding campaign, they commissioned 6 emerging filmmakers to create their own visual responses to the music. The result is a unique collaboration that brings together these two art forms in a 12-minute tour-de-force of visual storytelling like no other. Check out the trailer below:

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