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Trailer Music Film Premiere by anon.

Nicholas Buc - Composer

THE PROJECT - It all started with a simple idea: What if we created a film inspired by music, instead of the other way around? Enter TRAILER MUSIC – A film and music collaboration based on Melbourne composer Nicholas Buc’s piano trio, Trailer Music. The premiere screening of the Trailer Music film is the culmination of visual responses to the music by six emerging film makers, in collaboration with anon.

In this program, anon. starkly contrasts two powerful, evocative works – bringing you on a journey to free your imagination, creating awareness of your vision in a personal response to music. Cellist Tim Hennessy joins pianist Nicole Tj and violinist Thomas Lo in anon.’s latest collaboration, for a unique concert experience.

Trailer Music by anon. 
29th August 2015 at 7pm 
MeatMarket, North Melbourne
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